Knit A Little, Give a Little
Cynthia Campbell
Final Touch and Accessories
Booth #: 38 & 41

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Cynthia Campbell, owner of Final Touch and Accessories, explains why in spite of her part-time career in nursing she plans to stay the Flatbush Caton Market for as long as possible. “I could leave, but I love it too much.  I’m proud to be a merchant and I’m very grateful for this opportunity.”

Campbell began showing her entrepreneurial streak as a teenager when she would work with her aunt as a street vendor on Flatbush Avenue, selling accessories.  She continued to work as a street vendor, using the money she earned to put herself through nursing school.  She continued as a street vendor until the parking lot on the intersection of Flatbush and Caton became a selling place and eventually moved into the Flatbush Caton Market when it opened in 2002.  She jokes, “I was here when they cut the ribbon!”

Campbell stands out in the Market for the style and flavor she brings her from her native Jamaica.  She often brings jewelry, shoes and home decorations back to sell at the Market when she vacations on this island.  Her custom crochet tops and hats are inspired by the colors and styles of the island, and customers come specifically to her to help dress them for parties in the community.

Crocheting has really helped Campbell further connect with the local Flatbush community.  She has taught several teenage girls how to crochet. In turn, they started teaching others at a local public library.  Campbell says that it is these interactions with her customers that keep her in business after all this time.  She hopes that maybe by showing others how hard work can lead to success, like it has in her case, it will encourage them to stay in school and work just as hard.

Campbell considers the Flatbush Caton Market vendors and customers family and sums up her feelings by saying “To me, the Market is very good.  I would say we are blessed.  We are blessed.”

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